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Every week I will be sourcing out online materials, whether it be events, virtual exhibitions, documentaries, for prescribed quarantine culture to counter act that Netflix hangover.

GI International: Digital Programme

Glasgow International is a contemporary art biennial which takes place in dozens of venues across the city between April and May. In spite of its unfortunate postponement (now taking place in 2021), the GI team haven’t neglected those with a desire to experience some cutting edge artworks, only now they will be available from the comfort of your own home. The festival’s online ‘Digital Programme’ runs through May 31 with the artists due to show responding to the crisis by altering their work, digitising it or producing completely new pieces suitable for an online consumption and in many cases apropos of a current global mood. A scroll through their page will present you with a host of video and sound artworks ranging from very contemporary to some older notable pieces. Georgina Starr’s whistling through the corridors of Slade School of Art in her infamous Yesterday (1991) takes on a new meaning whilst we occupy a time where institutions are vacant and the solitude felt is certainly punctured in a rather harrowing fashion from a simple whistle.

If sound art isn’t your thing though, find solace and reassurance that you’re not the only one dancing like that and marvel at Glasgow-based artist Urara Tsuchiya’s video piece ‘Give us a Meow’ (2019). Tsuchiya channels everything we’re missing out on and allows our Id to live vicariously through her marvellous costumes and dance moves. The work somehow foreshadows every emotion of a prolonged sequestration: delirium, escapism and boredom.

Glasgow International Digital Programme runs through 31st May 2020: https://glasgowinternational.org/

The Museum without a Public

The Royal College of Art will host a symposium with its MA Contemporary Art Practice students and invited guests to present a dystopian yet increasingly plausible scenario: museums without a public presence. This is of course a very reactionary discussion and will not satiate that desire to engage once again with art in person, though thought experiments like these do prove interesting and perhaps could offer egalitarian solutions in terms of gatekeeping and access of collections. Museums will surely need to adapt in light of the current pandemic with a preparatory measure if/when similar events transpire, but to what extent is uncertain and will be speculated at length in this fascinating discussion.

Online Zoom Meeting for the topic ‘Museum without a Public’ organised by the RCA will take place Tuesday May 19th, 2020 at 14:00 UK Time (BST). The meeting ID is 925 7290 4290 and the password is 681122

Artists' Gardens

I love a garden as much as the next person, though they are a heck of a lot of work. During quarantine, the garden may be a place of sanctuary for those lucky enough to have them, or of lust for those without. Regardless, gardens take centre stage in many artists’ lives like our own. The subject of countless acclaimed works, artists’ gardens have recently been the subject of much scholarship and interest including the 2016 Royal Academy exhibition ‘Painting the Modern Garden’.

Responding to this digital shift, the RA decided to walk their online visitors through a selection of curated tours of painters’ gardens. There is a discussion of the private gardens of impressionists Claude Monet (Giverny, France) and Max Liebermann (Wahnsee, Germany) and post-impressionist Pierre Bonnard (Vernonnet, France), among others. See the ever imminent water lily in Monet's oeuvre or the flowers inspiring Emil Nolde's watercolours. Short and sweet, this pleasurable window into the mystique of an artists’ private space and source of inspiration will perhaps inspire a wanderlust, a gardening urge or simply offer just enough flora to compensate a domestic confinement.

Artists’ Gardens Online Video Series, curated by Ann Dumas, is available at the Royal Academy’s website: https://www.royalacademy.org.uk/article/video-inside-the-artists-gardens

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