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HOMEWORK Series, Sadie Coles HQ

Sadie Coles HQ is a blue-chip commercial gallery located in London. Every week they are offering a series of online exhibitions of artists currently working from home studios entitles HOMEWORK. This weeks iteration presents the American artist Raymond Pettibon, an artist known for his comic style drawings paired with irreverent yet critical texts along with designing much 1970's Punk Rock ephemera such as art for bands like Black Flag, Sonic Youth, Foo Fighters etc. Pettibon presents his SURVIVOR SERIES for Sadie Coles HQ, consisting of an array of works which comment on the Americana aesthetic and popular consumption culture in the US while satirising art historical precedents in his recognisable ink drawing technique. Along with high resolution images of the artists works, HOMEWORK offers textual breakdowns of their practice with quotes from the artist and scholars. His “symbiotic” function of image and text is inseparable, and both provide endless provocations and meanings, though assuredly centre humour and satire in his practice. The website is quite a lot to take in visually but I believe it provides a refreshing experience of art consumption, whilst being able to see the asking prices of each work which is always fascinating.

HOMEWORK #3: RAYMOND PETTIBON, SURVIVOR SERIES is live at https://homework.sadiecoles.com/ from 20-27th May 2020.

Raymond Pettibon, No Title (The Thinker My...), 2019. Sadie Coles HQ, London

Edward Hopper, Fondation Beyeler

Recently earmarked as the artist encapsulating the essence of this cloistered period, Hopper’s work conveys a solitude of Anywhere, USA (even when he was abroad) with a eerily on-the-nose congruence to our current situation. Empty diners, vacant high streets and longing stares out of windows, these paintings provide solace in the realisation that, oxymoronically, there is an isolation-community. The Zürich art space Fondation Beyeler had a serendipitous retrospective of the artist’s work scheduled, so when the pandemic broke out their exhibition online and offered everyone around the world to experience these salient works in a time like this. The virtual exhibition walks online visitors through the individual works with complementary videos discussing each work at length by the curators. My personal favourite would have to be the Two Puritans (1945), an eerie scene depicting two sequestered, white picket fenced homes which despite their ordinary façade, have a certain aura of the uncanny recurrent in his paintings. This drives the viewer to scratch the surface of a polished suburbia and uncover less appeasing truths.

Fondation Beyeler, Zürich is showing the exhibition ‘Edward Hopper’ through July 26th 2020. The online resources are fully accessible in English at: https://www.fondationbeyeler.ch/en/exhibitions/edward-hopper

Edward Hopper, Two Puritans, 1945. Image Courtesy of Christie's, NY

Raffello, Scudiere del Quirinale: A Walk in the Exhibtion

Prior to the outbreak, there was a great buzz about the formulation of a landmark show in the heart of Rome of one of the most notable artists to live. Not often are we granted the opportunity to see the a wide range of works by the Renaissance master Raphael (Raffello in Italian) and this show promised to be a grand collation of some of the artist's finest pieces. Raffaello, the most acclaimed painter of his day along with refined architectural, sculptural and literature talent, died 500 years ago and this anniversary exhibition prospected a truly significant survey of the artist, borrowing and acquiring works from collections across the world. The Scudiere del Quirinale offers an video exhibition in lieu of the real thing, a tool to guide you around the exhibition with added history and notes to each work shown. There is an untenable argument that these works are simply incomparable when viewed online to as in person, however I believe that the egalitarian aspect of gaining in depth access to works you may never be able to see in your lifetime at the comfort of your own home is something to appreciate. A Walk in the Exhibition is a short 13 minute video offering insight into the spectrum of Raffaello’s artistic production in letters, paintings and sculptures, paired with the curatorial team's direction - one of celebrating the artist’s Roman period through his patronage and acclaim.

Raphael, Self Portrait, 1506-8. Gallerie degli Uffizi, Florence

Raffaello is an exhibition at the Scudiere del Quirinale, Rome from 5th March – 2nd June. The Online Walk Through discussed is available on their Youtube Page: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=431&v=s58gYvvNrKQ&feature=emb_logo


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